Wednesday, June 1, 2022

June Anniversaries in the Family Tree


When June shows leafy ways...


Bell family ancestors

29th - Cicero Bell born 1869 

McGrath family ancestors

14th - Rachel Jane (Simmons) McGrath died 1896, age 54

16th - Charles Lee & Susannah Case married 1845 

18th - Violet Jennivee (McGrath) Bell died 1991, age 73 

19th - Arthur Levi McGrath died 1965, age 88 

24th - John McGrath born 1831? 

Menke family ancestors

Mann family ancestors

2nd - Mary Abigail (Bliss) Smith died 1866, age 36 

8th - Doris Daryle (Mann) Menke born 1920 

18th - Clarence Lemuel Mann born 1878 

Mattingly family ancestors

15th - Gabriel Mattingly born 1777 

Boone family ancestors


Tunk Spalding family ancestors

7th - Mary (Fenwick) Abell born 1812

9th - Henrietta (Thompson) Spalding died 1826, age 40

28th - Anna Louisa (Abell) Thomas died 1893, age 55

Hutt Spalding family ancestors

11th - Mary Jane (Abell) Luckett died 1871, age 53 

17th - Henry Luckett & Elizabeth Beaven married 1805 

24th - John Hudson "Hutt" Spalding born 1852 

30th - Mary Elizabeth (Wathen) Simms died 1876, age 74

Henrietta (Thompson) Spalding is the common ancestor of both the "Tunk" and "Hutt" Spalding lines. 

Sunday, May 1, 2022

May Anniversaries in the Family Tree


When May sets blossoms blowing...


Bell family ancestors

3rd  - John Silas Bell & Rutha Simpson married 1838

5th - Benjamin Franklin Spann & Mary "Hiley" Ann Decker married 1852

19th - Allie Lucinda (Spann) Bell born 1871

McGrath family ancestors

Menke family ancestors

4th - William H Roscoe & Lena M Jogenson married 1882 

13th - David A Roscoe died 1884, age 60

14th - Caroline M (Peterson) Jorgenson born 1847 (wife of Ole, step-mother of Lena) 

15th - Elizabeth (Knapp) Menke born 1841 

16th - Ole Jorgenson born 1837 

Mann family ancestors

23rd - Charles Gaisford & Henrietta Smith married 1867

23rd - Henrietta (Smith) Gaisford died, age 83

29th - Mary Jane (Hull) Climie (Jones) died 1854, age 37 

Mattingly family ancestors

? - John Baptist Mattingly died in 1817, age 87

Boone family ancestors


Tunk Spalding family ancestors

15th - Aloysius Abell born 1801 

24th - Matilda (Spalding) Thomas died 1838, age 32 (mother of Marcus Thomas) 

30th - Marcus Thomas "Markie Tunk" Spalding died 1950, age 63

Hutt Spalding family ancestors

1st - Ann Melvina (Simms) Spalding born 1831

2nd - Cora Lulu (Spalding) Spalding died 1970, age 80

13th - Elizabeth (Beaven) Luckett born 1785

26th - John Austin Spalding died 1913, age 86

27th - John Austin Spalding born 1826 

27th - John Austin Spalding & Ann Melvina Simms married 1851 

Sunday, April 3, 2022

April Anniversaries in the Family Tree

When April buds the haws...


Bell family ancestors

4th - Cicero S Bell died 1944 age 74 

11th - Rutha (Simpson) Bell died 1907 age 84

McGrath family ancestors

14th - John McGrath died 1912 age 80

15th - Josiah Foster Negley died 1922 age 75

24th - Susannah (Case) Lee died 1851 age 28

Menke family ancestors

6th - David A Roscoe & Mary C Fero married 1854 

10th - Lena M (Jorgenson) Roscoe born 1858

Mann family ancestors

21st - James Gaisford died 1905 age 84

Mattingly family ancestors

10th - Joseph Hamilton Mattingly, Sr born 1909

16th - Harriet Elizabeth "Lib" (Spalding) Mattingly died 1993 age 81

25th - Barnard Mattingly & Priscilla Cash married 1808 

Boone family ancestors


Tunk Spalding family ancestors

11th - Henry Luckett born 1777 

16th - Richard Augustine Spalding born 1777 

20th - Aloysius Abell died 1845 age 43

20th - Mary Louisa (Abell) Spalding born 1832 (3rd cousin once removed of Aloysius Abell) 

23rd - Harriett Elizabeth "Bettie" (Thomas) Spalding born 1859 

Hutt Spalding family ancestors

Richard Augustine Spalding is the common ancestor of the "Tunk" and "Hutt" Spalding lines.

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

March Anniversaries in the Family Tree

When March blows up her breezes...


Bell family ancestors

17th - Cicero Bell & Allie Spann married 1901  (Cicero also married his first wife Mittie Ramsey on March 17, 1891 and his son with Allie, Edward Bell, was born on March 17, 1905) 

McGrath family ancestors

3rd - Sadie Ellen (Negley) McGrath born 1880 

5th - Sarah Maria Matilda (Lee) Negley born 1849

5th - Josiah Foster Negley & Sarah Maria Matilda Lee married 1871 

Menke family ancestors

6th - William Harlow Roscoe born 1859 

8th - Heinrich Knapp & Caroline Schukky married 1839 

15th - Mary Crosby (Fero) Roscoe died 1923 age 86

24th - Charlotte Isabelle (Roscoe) Menke died 1975 age 87

26th - Kenneth Charles Menke died 2003 age 85

Mann family ancestors

18th - Nancy Jane (Climie) Mann born 1938 

28th - James Gaisford & Anna Rich married 1838 

Mattingly family ancestors

27th - William Alfred Bryant Mattingly born 1850 

Boone family ancestors


Tunk Spalding family ancestors

2nd - Robert S Thomas died 1886 age 82

6th - William Thomas "Tunk" Spalding died 1881 age 59

14th - Joseph T Spalding born 1858 

Hutt Spalding family ancestors

19th - Lewis Austin Luckett died 1886 age 77

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

February Anniversaries in the Family Tree


When February thaws...


Bell family ancestors

McGrath family ancestors

Menke family ancestors

2nd - Elizabeth (Knapp) Menke died  1944 age 102

Mann family ancestors

4th - Cora Mabel (Gaisford) Mann  born 1882 

11th - Nancy Jane (Climie) Mann died 1894 age 55

12th - William Mann born 1830

Mattingly family ancestors

Boone family ancestors

2nd - John G Ballard died  1836 age 50

3rd - Robert I Boone & Elizabeth Johnson married 1874 

10th - Robert I Boone died  1900 age 62

26th - Mary Frances Charlotte "Lottie" (Boone) Mattingly born 1878 (daughter of Robert I & Elizabeth Boone) 

Tunk Spalding family ancestors

3rd - Matilda (Spalding) Spalding born 1806 

Hutt Spalding family ancestors

2nd - Henry Luckett died  1864 age 86

14th - Mary Elizabeth (Wathen) Simms born 1802 

16th - Mary Susan Isabelle "Belle" (Luckett) Spalding born 1857 

24th - John Hudson "Hutt" Spalding died 1915 age 62 

Saturday, January 8, 2022

January Anniversaries in the Family Tree

"When January freezes..."


Bell family ancestors

19th - Allie Lucinda (Spann) Bell died 1959 age 87

McGrath family ancestors

23rd - John Negley born 1808

Menke family ancestors

13th - Elizabeth "Eliza" Knapp & Henry Menke married 1867

15th - Heinrich Knapp died 1892 age 86 

Mann family ancestors

17th - John Potter Smith & Mary Abigail Smith married 1847

25th - Charles Gaisford died 1920 one day short of his 78th birthday

26th - Charles Gaisford born 1842

Mattingly family ancestors

26th - James Raymond Mattingly born 1814

26th - Julia Ann (Mattingly) Mattingly died 1889 age 77 (wife of James Raymond)

? - William Alfred Bryant Mattingly died 1910 age 59

Boone family ancestors

13th - Charlotte "Lottie" Ballard & James Matthew Johnson  married 1844

15th - James Matthew Johnson died 1901 age 76

17th - Elizabeth (Johnson) Boone died 1933 age 78 (daughter of James Matthew & Lottie Johnson) 

Tunk Spalding family ancestors

6th - Joseph T Spalding died 1945 age 86

10th - Marcus Thomas Spalding & Cora Lula Spalding married 1910 

11th - Aloysius Abell & Mary Fenwick married 1829 

20th - Richard Augustine Spalding & Henrietta Thompson married 1817

24th - Robert S Thomas & Matilda Spalding married 1824 

31st - John Simms born 1807 

Hutt Spalding family ancestors

Cora Lula Spalding is in the "Hutt" Spalding line

Richard Augustine Spalding & Henrietta Thompson are the common ancestors of the "Tunk" and "Hutt" Spalding lines

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Imagining Christmas 1890

I can only imagine what my ancestors' Christmas was like in 1890. Most of my Great Grandparents were still children living with their parents, all but two of them in Nebraska. Before the end of their lifetimes, a few of them would be a part of my Christmas celebrations. 

Christmas in 1890 was on Thursday. Historic newspapers indicate that while in Nebraska the weather was nice that year, a heavy snow storm was causing a lot of problems nearly everywhere from Chicago to the East Coast. The price of a postage stamp to mail a Christmas card was .02 cents. Believe it or not, that is right in line with today's price of .58 cents. I can't say for sure whether any of my ancestors traveled, or sent Christmas cards or baked cookies, or decorated their homes. But from what I do know, I can come up with some brief scenarios of what their Christmas might have been like in 1890.

Albert Menke, youngest son of Henry & Eliza Menke, was 4 years old living in Clatonia with his siblings Matilde, Katharina, Eliza, Rosa, George and Nettie. Living nearby, his oldest sister Caroline was married with a baby boy. Henry & Eliza were both born in Germany and likely there were some German Christmas traditions carried out in their home. Albert's maternal Grandparents Henry & Caroline Knapp lived in Portsmouth, Ohio along with other extended family he may not have known. He had cousins he could play with in Tobias, where his mothers sister Mary Boggs lived with her family. Another sister of Eliza, Hannah Smith, was out in western Nebraska.

Down the road in DeWitt, Lottie Roscoe was just 3 years old living with her parents, William and Lena, and her siblings Laura, Cleve and baby brother Frank. Her paternal Grandmother, Mary Roscoe, may have also lived with them. Lena's parents, Ole & Caroline Jorgenson, natives of Denmark, were living in Peotone, Illinois. The Roscoe family had been in America for several generations. Lottie had a few cousins close by to play with, but both her parents siblings were spread around the midwest. They may have gotten cards from relatives in Iowa, Illinois and Colorado.

Twelve year old Clarence Mann was living in Jefferson County with parents William and Nancy and siblings William, Horace, Oscar and Effie. Two older sisters were married with children near his age. His Grandparents were all deceased as far as I know. His mother had two brothers and some half-siblings living in Iowa. His cousins there were all older and I doubt he saw them very often. English, Irish and Scottish Christmas traditions may have influenced the celebrations in his family. 

Cora & Clarence Mann, Christmas, 1962
Cora Gaisford was 8 years old, living with her parents Charles and Henrietta in Jefferson County. Also in the household were her siblings Charles, Maime, Anna, Emma, Carrie, Nellie, William, Gertrude and baby sister Gladys. Cora's maternal Grandfather, John Potter Smith, lived in Massachusetts, I'm not sure if she ever met him or any of her mothers siblings. Her Grandfather James Gaisford was living in central Illinois. Cora had Aunts, Uncles and Cousins living in Illinois, Iowa and also nearby in Gage and Jefferson counties. 
Had they all been able to get together, it would have been a large crowd. Something Cora knew well when in her later years. I was among the crowd of some big celebrations with Clarence & Cora Mann's family.

In 1890 Art McGrath was 14, living in Dawson County with his parents John and Rachel McGrath. He never knew either set of his Grandparents. His two sisters, Becky and Minnie, were older and married with children all younger than him, but not by much. His nieces and nephews included Lizzie, Andrew, and Clara Smith, of Stockham in Clay County and Rebecca, Lenora, John Robert, Hayden, Marguerita and Daniel Patterson of Cozad in Dawson County. Art's mother's sister, Ruth Pettit and husband William were living with their eight children not far away near Callaway, Custer County, Nebraska. Great Grandpa McGrath and I may have celebrated a few Christmases together, but I have no memory of him.

Sadie Negley, 10-year-old daughter of Josiah and Sarah, was living in Eldorado with her 4 siblings, George, Alice, Will and Cal. Sadie's maternal Grandparents were both deceased, but her Uncle George W Lee, his wife Christine and 3 older cousins lived within traveling distance in Clay County at that time. Sadie's paternal Grandfather was also deceased, but Grandmother Ruth Negley was living in Decatur, Iowa. Several Aunts and Uncles and cousins lived in Iowa. I couldn't say if they did or not, but it wouldn't have been impossible for Josiah to take his family over the Missouri River and through southern Iowa to Grandmothers house for a visit.

Cicero Bell was at home in Wayne County, Kentucky, age 21. His Grandmother Rutha Bell was the matriarch of the family, his Grandfather John Silas was deceased. If Rutha had her entire family for Christmas dinner, there could have been Cicero, his mother Martha and his 2 younger siblings John and Laura; Rutha's son Ira Garner & wife Martha with 2 sons; Rutha's daughter Elizabeth Stringer, her husband John and 3 children; and possibly daughter Emily (I don't know her death date). Rutha's son Leish and wife Rebecca may have been in Texas by that time. Daughter Ursula had died in August leaving a husband and 3 children.

At 19, Allie Spann was living with her father Ben and step-mother Mattie in Wayne County, Kentucky. Her mother had died six years earlier. She had two siblings at home, Etta and Marrion, and two young step-brothers. Allie's other siblings were married with at least 15 children among them, most of them living in Kentucky. Her Grandparents were all deceased, but her extended family included Aunts, Uncles and cousins living in the area, too. She was likely acquainted with them, if not a part of their holiday celebrations.

Wishing everyone young and old, near and far, a very Merry Christmas!