Thursday, December 1, 2022

December Anniversaries in the Family Tree


and December trees are brown


Bell family ancestors

15th - Benjamin Franklin Spann died 1901, age 74

29th - John Silas Bell died 1878, age 64

McGrath family ancestors

7th - Josiah Foster Negley born 1846 (son of John & Ruth Negley)

8th  - John Negley died 1884 age 76

27th - Ruth (Foster) Negley died 1895, age 87 

31st - Charles Lee died 1861, age about 41

Menke family ancestors

4th - Henry Menke born 1832 

11th - Mary Crosby Fero born 1836 

17th - Caroline Schukky born 1813 

25th - Heinrich Knapp born 1805

Mann family ancestors

20th - Anna (Rich) Gaisford died 1882, age 64 

22nd - John Potter Smith died 1903, age 78

Mattingly family ancestors

Boone family ancestors

 Tunk Spalding family ancestors

27th - Mary Louisa (Abell) Spalding died 1900, age 68

Hutt Spalding family ancestors

2nd - Cora Lula Spalding born 1889 

3rd - Mary Jane Abell born 1817

18th - Ann Melvina (Simms) Spalding died 1911, age 80

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

November Anniversaries in the Family Tree


When November's leaves fall faster...


Bell family ancestors

3rd - Martha Eveline Bell born 1842

4th - Martha Eveline Bell died 1928, age 86

McGrath family ancestors

24th - Rachel Jane Simmons born 1841 

26th - Susannah (Case) Lee born 1822 

Menke family ancestors

2nd - Ole Jorgenson & Caroline Magrethe Peterson married 1866

7th - Charles Albert Menke born 1886

19th - Kenneth Charles Menke & Doris Darle Mann married 1938 

28th - Kenneth Charles Menke born 1917 

Mann family ancestors

Mattingly family ancestors

20th - Joseph Hamilton "Ham" Mattingly & Harriet Elizabeth "Lib" Spalding married 1934 

Boone family ancestors

2nd - John G Ballard & Elizabeth Nally married 1814 

Tunk Spalding family ancestors

7th - Joseph T Spalding & Harriett Elizabeth "Bettie" Thomas married 1879

9th - Joseph Abner Abell II & Martha Nancy Mills married 1819 

13th - Robert S Thomas born 1803 

20th - Harriet Elizabeth "Lib" (Spalding) Mattingly born 1911 

26th - Harriett Elizabeth "Bettie" (Thomas) Spalding died 1896, age 37 

? - Mark Theodore Thomas born 1834

Hutt Spalding family ancestors

28th - Elizabeth (Beaven) Luckett died 1850, age 65 

24th - John Hudson "Hutt" Spalding & Mary Susan Isabelle "Belle" Luckett married 1874 

Sunday, October 2, 2022

October Anniversaries in the Family Tree


for October's golden crown...


Bell family ancestors

18th - Benjamin Franklin Spann born 1827 

20th - James Stanley Bell died 1970, age 63

29th - Abner Decker & Mary "Polly" Garner married 1816 

McGrath family ancestors

8th - Arthur Levi McGrath & Sadie Ellen Negley married 1908 

11th - Sarah Maria Matilda (Lee) Negley died 1927, age 78

17th - Arthur Levi McGrath born 1876

25th - Ruth Marie (Smith)(Simmons) Webb died 1863, age about 44 

31st - Charles Lee born 1820 (possibly 1813) 

Menke family ancestors

3rd - Lena M (Jorgenson) Roscoe died 1949, age 91 

18th - Charles Albert Menke & Charlotte Isabelle "Lottie" Roscoe married 1906 

Mann family ancestors

3rd - James Gaisford born 1820 

18th - Clarence Lemuel Mann died 1968, age 90

Mattingly family ancestors

14th - Joseph Hamilton "Ham" Mattingly died 1990, age 81 

Boone family ancestors

2nd - Christopher Boone & Ann Rhodes married 1824 

9th - Walter Boone & Mildred Edelin married 1783

Tunk Spalding family ancestors

10th - Joseph Abner Abell II born 1795

18th - William Thomas "Tunk" Spalding born 1818 

21st - Mary (Fenwick) Abell died 1886 or 1888, age 74 or 76

Hutt Spalding family ancestors

Thursday, September 1, 2022

September Anniversaries in the Family Tree


When September finds the aster...


Bell family ancestors

24th - James Stanley Bell & Violet Jennivee McGrath married 1938

26th - Mary "Hiley" Ann (Decker) Spann born 1836 

McGrath family ancestors

15th - John Negley & Ruth Foster married 1836

19th - Violet Jennivee (McGrath) Bell born 1917 

28th - Sadie Ellen (Negley) McGrath died 1958, age 78 

Menke family ancestors

2nd - William Harlow Roscoe died 1947, age 88

4th - Caroline (Schukky) Knapp died 1895, age 81

16th - Charles Albert Menke died 1965, age 78 

17th - Caroline Magrethe (Peterson) Jorgenson died 1910, age 63 

20th - Henry Menke died 1915, age 82

20th - Charlotte Isabelle (Roscoe) Menke born 1887 

29th - Ole Jorgenson died 1908, age 71

Mann family ancestors

3rd - Henrietta Abigail (Smith) Gaisford born 1848 

14th - William Mann & Nancy Jane Climie married 1861 

18th - Doris Darle (Mann) Menke died 2017, age 97

Mattingly family ancestors

Boone family ancestors

 1st - Elizabeth (Nally) Ballard born 1785

28th - Mary Frances Charlotte "Lottie" Boone died 1962, age 84 

Tunk Spalding family ancestors

7th - Richard Augustine Spalding died 1850, age 73

15th - Martha Nancy (Mills) Abell born 1798 

22nd - Marcus Thomas Spalding born 1886 

Hutt Spalding family ancestors

Richard Augustine Spalding is the common ancestor of the "Tunk" and "Hutt" Spalding lines.

Sunday, August 14, 2022

Spann photo: Do You See What I See?

I am possibly looking for the first time at the faces of 3 of my direct ancestors!

Photo courtesy of Beth Spann Curtis

Recently, a comment on another post here led to an email exchange with a distant cousin, Beth Spann Curtis, which led to her sharing with me this incredible photo. Her father, Herbert Spann, was the youngest son of Marrion Spann. Marrion was the youngest son of Benjamin Franklin Spann and his first wife Hiley Ann. This photo had come to Beth's father from a woman named Opal, who I believe was Opal Peers Spann, the wife of James Kenneth Spann. James was a son of William Henry Spann, who was a son of Ben and his second wife, Mattie. Opal's daughter, Linda had also contacted me a few years ago and shared some photos her mother had, but not this one. All of those people are gone now, leaving Beth & I wondering who the people are in this photo.

"Benjamin Franklin" is written on the bottom of the copy, if "Spann" was once written there also, it has been cut off. I don't know who wrote that or when it was written there. I don't know the date this was taken or the format of the original photo. I have only a digital copy, and Beth does not have the original. She believes that Opal had it and where it is now is unknown.

My eyes immediately saw all the girls in the photo. I knew that Ben & Hiley Ann Spann had eight daughters, the second youngest is my Great Grandmother Allie (Spann) Bell. The girl that strikes me most as having a possible resemblance to other photos I have of Allie (by the shape of her face) is the girl standing directly behind the bearded man. There are 8 females over the age of say 10 in the picture. The young girl standing next to the bearded old man, looks like about 5 years old, and there are 3 infants. Then the four males, one a young boy I'd guess to be about 10. 

Ben, who died in 1901, was married twice. Hiley Ann, his first wife, died in 1884 at age 47, two years after Marrion was born. Ben & Hiley Ann were married in Wayne County, Kentucky and raised their family there. Their children and their birth year were Abner, born 1854, Amanda, 1855, Telitha, 1858, Juda, 1860, Polly, 1863, Margaret, 1866, Tranquilla "Trannie", 1870, Allie, 1871, Etta, 1878 and Marrion, 1882. Marrion was 11 years younger than Allie. 

Ben's second wife Mattie died in 1893 along with twin sons. At that time, they had other children, Lewis, born 1887, William Henry, born 1889, Stacy, born 1891 and Bertha, born 1892.

At first, I was looking at the boy in the picture to be Marrion, and the bearded man as Ben with his wife Mattie and their young children, but I couldn't place the young girl. Ben and Mattie had 2 boys before 2 girls. When Marrion was born, four of his oldest siblings were already married, so I considered Ben's grandchildren could be included. Abner had 4 boys between 1874 & 1879. There were no girls near the age of 5 to explain the young girl.

Beth said that she thought she remembered someone saying that Ben was a baby in the photo. Ben was born in 1827, too early for this photo. But, what if Marrion is a baby? Marrion was born in January of 1882. What if he is the infant on the lap of the man on the left? What if that man is Benjamin Franklin Spann? What if his wife Hiley Ann is sitting next to him? 

Looking at everyone as if it is late 1882, the young girl standing next to the bearded man could be Etta, about 5. The girl behind the bearded man then could really be Allie, age 12.

So, from the left side, the young boy could be explained as one of Abner's boys, likely his oldest, John Franklin, age 8, with Abner standing next to him. The daughters would all range in age from 27 to 12, so it's hard to say who is who for sure. Looking closer at the woman seated next to the bearded man, she looks to me like she might be the oldest of the females. She might actually be Hiley Ann. She may be holding a granddaughter - Juda had married in 1879 to James Brammer and had daughters Rosalia in 1880 and Viola in February of 1882. It could be Juda holding the infant on the far right.

With all of this as a possibility, could the bearded man be Ben's father, Hartwell Spann? My Third Great Grandfather?! Hiley Ann's father, Abner Decker, died in 1860. Hartwell was born in 1801 and would be 81 years old. He is living in the 1880 census there in Wayne County. He is first noted on the 1850 census record as being blind. Looking at the eyes of the bearded man makes me wonder. 

The things I can't explain are: Where are Abner's other boys? They are all too close in age for any of them to be an infant. The missing spouses of those who were married by 1882 could be explained if they chose to include only the blood relatives, no spouses. People do that.

I'm very grateful to Beth for sharing this photo with me and allowing me to share it with the rest of my family. We may never know for sure who is who, but this seems to me to be the family of Ben & Hiley Ann Spann. Have I just put faces to the names of my Second Great and one Third Great Grandparent?! 

Monday, August 1, 2022

August Anniversaries in the Family Tree

and August lilies blaze...



Bell family ancestors

1st - James Stanley Bell born 1907

McGrath family ancestors

Menke family ancestors

Mann family ancestors

29th - Mary Jane (Hull) (Clemie) Jones born 1816 

29th - William Mann died 1905, age 75 (son-in-law of Mary Jane (Hull) (Clemie) Jones) 

Mattingly family ancestors

28th - William Alfred Bryant Mattingly & Mary Frances Charlotte "Lottie" Boone married 1900 

Boone family ancestors

 1st - Robert I Boone born 1837

Tunk Spalding family ancestors

13th - Joseph Abner Abell, II died 1863, age 67 

13th - Mark Theodore Thomas died 1919, age 84

22nd - Martha Nancy (Mills) Abell died 1875, age 76 (wife of Joseph Abner Abell, II) 

Hutt Spalding family ancestors

18th - Mary Susan Isabelle "Belle" Luckett died 1908, age 51

20th  - John Simms died 1879, age 72 

Friday, July 1, 2022

July Anniversaries in the Family Tree


when July suns are glowing...


Bell family ancestors

1st - Mary "Hiley" Ann (Decker) Spann died 1884, age 47

McGrath family ancestors

4th - Ruth (Foster) Negley born 1808 

Menke family ancestors

5th - David A Roscoe born 1823

Mann family ancestors

4th - Cora Mabel (Gaisford) Mann died 1971, age 89 

5th - Clarence Lemuel Mann & Cora Mabel Gaisford married 1899 

28th - Mary Abigail (Bliss) Smith born 1829 

Mattingly family ancestors

24th - Gabriel Mattingly & Ann Juliette Molohon married 1810 

Boone family ancestors

 24th - Charlotte "Lottie" (Ballard) Johnson born 1823

? - James Matthew Johnson born 1824 (husband of Charlotte "Lottie" (Ballard) Johnson

Tunk Spalding family ancestors

4th - Anna Louisa (Abell) Thomas born 1837

11th - Mark Theodore Thomas & Anna Louisa Abell married 1854

Hutt Spalding family ancestors