Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Those Places Thursday - Bonaparte, Iowa

Bonaparte is an historic little town alongside the Des Moines river in the southeast corner of Iowa.  My ancestors, the Clemie's, lived in the area from about 1850 to 1865.  I was able to visit there on my way to Illinois earlier this month.  Many of the buildings in town are marked with "National Register of Historic Places" plaques, although sadly many of them sit empty.

Bonaparte's Retreat was a very nice quiet restaurant with antiques everywhere.  It had a great atmosphere, great food and great service. They don't play the song while you dine, but somehow I still got it stuck in my head.  The building was once a Grist Mill, the water wheel is still there.  We had lunch there on a Thursday and business was good.  

There was a very nice little park next to Bonaparte's Retreat, right along the river.

Unfortunately, this big old building no longer houses an antique store.  I hope this quaint little town can pull through its economic slump.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Tombstone Tuesday - Edward Jones

This stone lies in Mount Ararat Cemetery, east of Centerville, Iowa.  It belongs to Edward Jones.  He would be my Step 3rd Great Grandfather.  

There are several old stones is this little country cemetery lying on the ground and/or in need of repair.  

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mary Jane Hull Clemie Jones - Forever Young

Mary Jane Hull was born in Ireland on August 29, 1816.  Another researcher gave me that birth date years ago, but they didn't give their source.  I have only found a Baptismal record for a Mary Jane Hull in Aghalee, Antrim, Ireland dated November 24, 1816.  The parents on that Baptism record are Joseph and Elizabeth.  If that Mary Jane Hull is the same as mine, she didn't name any of her children after her parents.  She's on my list of international research to do someday.

When she was about 18, Mary Jane married Thomas Clemie (also spelled Climie, Clemy, Klemme et al), in Canada.  They were married about 5 years, then she was apparently widowed.  They had three children:  Andrew, Robert and Nancy Jane, who was my Great Great Grandmother.  All three children were born in Upper Canada or Northern Canada which on some census records is recorded as "NC" which then gets incorrectly transcribed as North Carolina.

In about 1840, she married Edward Jones in Canada.  They had five children:  Mary, Jane, Margaret, Jeanette and George.  The family moved to Van Buren County, Iowa before Jeanette was born.  Mary Jane died in Bonaparte, Iowa at only 37 years old.   The inscription on her stone is "Erected by Edward Jones in memory of his wife Jane Jones who departed this life May 29, 1854 Aged 37 yrs 10 Mos".   Her stone is still very legible after 160 years.

My preliminary findings through census records, findagrave and familysearch online records for the children of Mary Jane (not all confirmed, still a work-in-process): 
  • Andrew (1835-1911) married Arminta Loop, they are buried in Centerville, Iowa.
  • Robert (1837-?) married Druzilla Kirby on July 3, 1866 in Van Buren County, Iowa.
  • Nancy Jane (1838-1894) first married John O'Brien and had a daughter Nancy.  Nancy Jane's second husband was my Great-Great Grandfather, William Mann.
  • Mary (1841-1906) married Charles Harwood and moved to Franklin County, Nebraska.
  • Jane (1843-1907) married Hiram T Vandermark, they are buried in Fairmount Cemetery, Denver, Colorado.  On Ancestry I found a photo of Jane Vandermark that, when compared to a photo of Nancy Mann on findagrave, confirms for me that the two were sisters, or at least half-sisters.  The resemblance is remarkable! 
  • Margaret (1845-1927) possibly married Absalem Shoemaker and may be the woman buried in the Burr Oak Cemetery, Burr Oak, Kansas.
  • Jeanette (1849-?) married Jesse Bailey and moved to Linn County, Iowa.
  • I haven't been able to track down George Jones.  He first shows up on the 1860 census record at age 6 so he was born in 1854, which would possibly mean his birth or complications from it may have had something to do with Mary Jane's death.
Within the next two years, Edward Jones married Martha Ensley in Harrison, Lee County, Iowa.  They had 2 children, John and Victoria.  

This is the shot you don't see on findagrave.  The view (somewhat) as her family saw it as they stood by her grave.  I don't know where the family's home was from this point, but having been there now, I know that in the distance is the Des Moines River.  And to the left is the town of Bonaparte, to the right and behind them were fields and farms.  Her children, ranging in age from 19 to maybe just days old, stood on this spot and said their final goodbye to their young mother.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Newspaper Clippings - Aurora, Nebraska, 1914

The Alice M Farr Library in Aurora, Nebraska has on microfilm several different newspapers from around Hamilton county.  Communities covered would include Aurora, Marquette, Hordville, Phillips, Giltner, Stockham and Hampton.  On the Hamilton County GENweb page is a list of several more little villages that don't exist today.  These newspapers are not available online anywhere and I don't know if they ever will be.  I get to Aurora often and can lookup obituaries or other articles if at least close to the exact date is known.  

Aurora Sun, October 29, 1914, pg 5

C. A. Stewart
Staple and fancy groceries, shoes and furnishings.  Complete line of R. H. C. canned goods.  North Side

C. O. Larson
Leading dealer in FARM IMPLEMENTS
Buggies, Wagons, Gas Engines and the Bull Tractor

Marquette, Nebr. Oct 28, 1914
The condition of Mr. Christ Hansen, who has for some time been quite ill, has recently grown more serious and he requires the constant attention of those who are caring for him.  He was removed from his home in the north east part of town last Wednesday, and was taken to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Hans Rasmussen, at which place the best of care and medical aid is given him.  He is growing weaker day by day, and little hope is given for his recovery.
A most successful surprise was given Dr. and Mrs. Hutchinson last Thursday evening, on the return from their wedding trip.  The social hours passed quickly and were enjoyed by a large number of their many friends.  Refreshments and cigars were served by the doctor and the Mrs.
Henry Larsen, Lyman Hiscock, Ora Ryan and Lester Farrell attended the state convention of the Odd Fellows, which was held at Grand Island on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, of last week.
Miss Selma Anderson, of Central City spent a few days with her sister, Mrs. Bert Rasmussen, here last week.
A large eagle measuring seven feet and four inches between the tips, was shot on the Platte river last Thursday by John Brownell.
Although she had been ill for a long time, this community was greatly surprised to learn of the sudden death of Mrs. Charley B. Jones, which occurred at the Swedish Mission hospital at Omaha on Monday morning, Oct. 26.

This community was again saddened by the news of a death - that of Spencer Colby, who passed away on Tuesday, Oct. 20.  Mr. Colby was born on the 12th day of April, 1835, at Ender, Maine, and died at the home of his son, W. W. Colby, of Marquette, at the age of seventy-nine years.  He was united in marriage to Josephine Churchill April 7, 1855, and to this union were born ten children, seven of whom are living.  Mr. Colby came to York county, Neb., with his family in April, 1883, later removing to Hamilton county, on a farm east of Marquette.  On retiring he chose Marquette as a place of residence, where he spent the remainder of his life.  The wife of the deceased died Feb. 21, 1907, and since that time he has made his home with his son, Walter, where he was until the last.  He leaves to mourn their loss four sons, three daughters, one brother and innumerable relatives and friends.  "Grandpa", as he was called, was a member of the United Brethren church, being a true and faithful worker and a devoted student of the scriptures.  He was one of the few remaining Civil war veterans, having enlisted in the Union army in March, 1864, and served to the close of the war.  His late illness, dropsy, was of about four weeks duration, and during that time he bore long hours of untold suffering and patiently waited for death to carry him to his Heavenly home.  During three long weeks, he was attended by the family of his son, who did everything that kind and loving hands could do.  Funeral services were at the United Brethren church here, Thursday afternoon, Oct. 22, conducted by Rev. Caldwell and Rev. Smith.  He was laid to rest in Richland cemetery.

The Woman's Home Missionary Society was entertained at the home of Mrs. J. D. Kerr Tuesday afternoon.
Miss Edna Call, who is a student at Wesleyan, came up from University...

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Wednesday's Child - In Memory of Pearl

Red Cloud Chief, March 24, 1899, pg 1 Col 2-3

Pearl L. Frase, daughter of Mrs. Minnie Frase was born near Pleasant Hill, Nebraska, December 31, 1892, died at her home in Red Cloud, last Wednesday, March 15th, 1899 of spinal disease, aged 6 years, 2 months and 15 days.   She was a noble, Christian child and much loved by all who knew her.  The funeral services were held in the M. E. church Friday morning, March 17, 1899, conducted by Rev. Hussong assisted by Rev. Darby.  The remains were laid at rest in Pleasant Hill cemetery.  Sister Frase and little brother George have the sympathy of the entire community.   

There's a pair of little hands
Laid to rest forever more,
Those two pearly dimpled cheeks
Whose rich blossoming is o'ver;
Death has closed two little eyes,
That will no more smile or weep;
Tiny windows of the soul,
Little Pearl has gone to sleep.

There's another bud removed,
Ere it felt the blight of sin,
Through the doors the angels made,
Little Pearl has passed in.
Far beyond the azure skies,
Where the tiny star eyes peep, 
From all earths sad doubts and fears,
Little Pearl has gone to sleep.

The dainty garments wrought with care,
Through happy hours for love's sake,
Are laid away for one more fair,
Than mother's hands can make.
How could we bear this heavy cross,
The loneliness, the cruel pain,
Did we not know our earthly loss
Was her eternal gain.

She will awake in fairer lands,
Where the angel's voices sing,
There the flowers shall expand,
There shall love's perfection bring.
She has reached the golden shore,
Through the river cold and deep,
Angels bore her softly there,
Little Pearl has gone to sleep.
  -- Her Teacher, C. M. Mummel

Monday, July 7, 2014

Travel Tuesday - Cemetery Hopping

Every four years, we travel to Illinois taking Interstate 80 across Iowa.  It's about an eight hour drive from Grand Island to Galva.  For several years, I have wanted to take Hwy 2 across because there are three cemeteries along that route where I have direct ancestors buried.  I've always thought that was a great coincidence.  There are also a couple of other cemeteries where more distant relatives are buried. 

My plan was always to do this on the way home so that if we ran short of time I could leave the ones on the western end of the line, closer to home, for some other time.  But it doesn't work out that way this year.  SO, our plans are to spend Wednesday and Thursday this week going to at least three cemeteries.

First stop will be Decatur Cemetery in Decatur City.  My third Great Grandparents, John and Ruth Negley are buried there.  

The next cemetery is a little off Hwy 2, but Mount Moriah in rural Davis County is where my fourth Great Grandparents, Jonathan and Rachel Smith are buried.  

Finally in Bonaparte, where my third Great Grandmother, Mary Jane Jones is buried.  She was born Mary Jane Hull, first married to Thomas Clemie, second husband was Edward Jones.  

Now, there are photos of all of these gravestones already on findagrave.  That doesn't stop me from wanting to be there myself and stand at the graves of my ancestors.  There are some other names to check for in each cemetery as well.  This trip is not out of our way, it's just going to be a longer drive than usual.  Starting Wednesday, I'm going cemetery hopping!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunday's Obituary - Edward Jones

Centerville Weekly Citizen, July 8, 1871

"Edward Jones of Sharon township, aged 51 years, died on the 16th of June, of paralysis.  He had been helpless for about six months.  About three years since he united with the Baptist church, in which he has since lived a worthy member.  Before his death he expressed strong hope for life beyond the grave."

This doesn't actually qualify as an obituary, but it's all I've found after seeing a memorial on findagrave for Edward Jones who was buried in Mount Ararat Cemetery in Appanoose County, Iowa.  In 1870, the Edward Jones I'm tracking lived in Sharon township, Appanoose County at age 52.  He was married to Martha, children living with them were George, John W and Victoria along with Mary Bar, age 79, who was probably Martha's mother.  I believe this is the same Edward Jones who in 1860 lived in Van Buren County with wife Martha, children Margaret, Jeanette, George, John, Mary Barr and two 17-year-old boys I don't know how they fit in.  I also believe this to be Edward Jones who was in Bonaparte, Van Buren County in 1850 with his then wife Mary Jane, who died there in 1854.  The children listed in the household were Andrew Jones, (who I think should have been Andrew Clemie) Robert Clemie, Nancy Clemie - all children of Mary Jane from her first marriage to Thomas Clemie.  The Jones children listed were Mary, Jane, Margaret and Jeanette.  

I can't read his age for sure in this clipping - 51?, he would have been about 54.  If no one else claims this guy, then I do.  He would be the step-father of my 2nd Great Grandmother Nancy Clemie Mann.  Her father died when she was so young, Edward would have been the only father she knew.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Wedding Wednesday - Bureau County, Illinois Marriages 1871

The Bureau County Republican, April 6, 1871  

Marriages for March, 1871

Jos. J. Johnson, Maiden to Charlotte M. Piper, Maiden.
Wm. Fay, Selby to Mary Rice, Selby.
Abram M. Totten, Piatt Co., to Flora Swayne, Bureau Co.
Chas. M. Bradshaw, Buda to Emma M. Green, N.Y.
C. N. Miller, Iowa to Barbara Stauffer, Iowa.
Albert C. Pardue, Milo, Mary Underwood, Tiskilwa.
Swan Johnson, Princeton to Hattie Gustafson, Princeton.
Alonzo Criswell, Lamoille, to Julie A. Ward, Lamoille.
L. S. Getch, Walnut to Lona L. Welch, Walnut.
Geo. Dennis, Henry Co. to Maggie Anthony, Tiskilwa.
Philip A. Smith, Peoria Co,. to Mary Fisher, Bureau Co.
J. H. Weisenberffer, Hall, to Catherine Dorn, Hall.
A. O. Petrie, Neponset, to Francelia E. Hoskins, Neponset.
Finley McBeth, Neponset to Harriet Swigert, Neponset.
Peter Nelson, Arispie, to Ellen Gustafson, Arispie.
F. M. Triplett, Iowa, to Ada Rollins, Neponset.
Josiah Negley, Macon, to Sarah M. Lee, Macon.
S. C. Frederickson, Lp'rt'n, to Anne C. Harting, Lp'rt'n.
Lysander C. Ward, Missouri, to Lucy Cook, Princeton.
Jos. C. Blaisdell, Milo, to Sarah J. Blessing, Milo.
Joshua Liverpool, Mexico, to Inez Richards, Princeton.
Jos. Bulfer, Bureau, to Kate Becker, Bureau.
W. A. Holroyd, Wyanet, to Ann R. Carter, Wyanet.
Philip Lambi, Ohio, to Engerberg Jepson, Ohio.
Thos. Apghey, Lamoille, to Jane Finley, Lamoille.
Jas. McElvina, Walnut, to Agnes Fuller, Walnut.
August Johnson, Princeton, to Mary Malten, Princt'n.
Martin Dutro, Wyanet, to Amanda Harrison, Wyanet.
John Hocket, Wyanet, to Mary Sturdiman, Wyanet.