Friday, May 15, 2020

Friday's Faces from the Past - May 9, 1915

Both of the photos below have the date May 9, 1915 written on them (I cropped it off the group photo). One year earlier, May 9, 1914, was the first official "Mother's Day". Is that the occasion here? 

This looks like it might be a group of siblings or cousins. One woman is holding a baby, maybe there is an in-law included. They may be a combination of families or generations, and I can't determine whether or not they belong in my family tree. These were with the stash of photos that once belonged to my Great Grandma Sadie (Negley) McGrath. In 1915, she was married to Art McGrath, they had 3 young children and they lived in either York or Hamilton County, Nebraska. But I don't know where these were taken or where these people lived. These are approximately 5" x 7" post cards that were never sent to anyone.

Lon and Ralph look like two wild and crazy guys!  
Do you know Lon & Ralph?