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My DAR Line to Patriot John Adair Sr

As "Entry-taker" for the county of Sullivan in North Carolina, John Adair Sr, collected fees for land claims. In 1782, when the British were a serious threat, money was needed for ammunition and equipment for the local militia and John Adair Sr was approached for aid. His response is reported to have been, "I have no authority by law to make that disposition of this money. It belongs to the impoverished treasury of North Carolina, and I dare not appropriate a cent of it to any purpose. But, if the country is overrun by the British, liberty is gone. Let the money go too. Take it. If the enemy, by its use, is driven from the country, I trust that country to justify and vindicate my conduct. Take it." 1

Because of this act, the DAR recognizes John Adair Sr as a Patriot in the American Revolution. Several women through the years have proved their descendancy from him. But in early 2017, his line was marked as having problems on the DAR website, so proof of the connections of each generation through the line was required. Acceptable documents to do that are birth, marriage and death certificates, as well as pension applications, obituaries, cemetery records, Bible records, land records, published genealogies, etc.

My maternal Grandpa Stan Bell is the fourth Great Grandson of John Adair Sr. I collected all the necessary papers to prove my line of descent to John Adair Sr through his son John Adair Jr (who is also a Patriot) and submitted it to DAR. I was excited to see it was recently approved. Why file supplemental applications when I'm already a member of the DAR? For one reason, as a way of honoring my Grandparents and their heritage. For another, I enjoy the research involved to prove the lineage, and each line that is proved helps potential members join DAR. Any female direct (blood) descendant of a Patriot is eligible for membership in the DAR. It's less of a challenge to provide the required proof when a potential member can connect with a previously verified member somewhere along the line.

My lineage to John Adair Sr is outlined below. His line is not marked as having problems now. Documentation proving lineage to one of the descendants printed in bold below is all that would be required. For more information, go to

Cicero Bell (1869-1944) married first to Mittie Ramsey (1783-1900). They had two children who survived to adulthood - 
     Frank  (1892-1954) married Chloe Davis
     George Oren  (1894-1988) married Viola Noon 
Cicero married second to Allie Lucinda Spann (1871-1958) and they had four sons - 
     Benjamin Arthur  (1901-1983) married Marie Dieckman 
     Edward Francis  (1903-1985) married Thelma Rogers 
     James Stanley  (1907-1970) married Violet McGrath - my Grandparents
     Virgil Hartwell  (1909-2005) married Helen Curtin 

Martha Evelyn Bell (1842-1928) had three children - 
     John W (1874-1938)  married Elizabeth Gee Irwin 
     Laura  (1879-1973) married Carson Alcorn 

John Silas Bell (1814-1878) married to Rutha Simpson (1822-1907), they had seven children -    
     Martha Evelyn
     Ira Garner (1844-1935) married Martha E Simpson
     Mary Elizabeth (1846-1922) married John W Stringer 
     Elisha (1848-1933) married Rebecca A McFarland 
     Saphronia  (1850-by 1887) 
     Emily  (1854-after 1887) 
     Ursula Jane (1856-1890) married Henry Reynolds (at least one of her descendants has also proven this line in the DAR)

Mary "Polly" Adair (abt 1795-1873) married first to David Bell (1794-1818), they had four children -  
     Barbara (1813-1887) married Green Lee Alley 
     John Silas 
     Elizabeth (1816-1883) 
     William (1818-?) married Nancy McGowen
Mary married second to Garner Parmley (1801-1874), their children were -
     Miles R

John Adair Jr (1754-1843) his wife's name is presumed to be Mary, her last name is unknown. They had at least these three children - 
     Barbara Adair (1793-?) married Robert Parmley 
     John Adair III (1794-1878 ) married Sarah Cooper 
     Mary "Polly" 

John Adair Sr (1732-1827) married Eleanor Crawford (1734-1827)  in Ireland. The known children of John and Eleanor are 
     John Adair Jr 
     Mary (about 1750-?) married Robert Christian 

1 "The Annals of Tennessee to the End of the Eighteenth Century:...", by James Gettys McGready Ramsey, 1853


Sunday, August 5, 2018

A Transcription Challenge

Kennebec County, Maine Deed #00220532-2
On September 11, 1816, in Kennebec County, Maine Libbeus Simmons sold 80.5 acres to Robert H. Gardiner and Reuel Williams of Augusta for $165.85. Some key words aren't clear to me in that mess, so I'm not sure if this was paid in one lump sum or five equal payments. It states this was where Libbeus lived which I've always heard was "twenty five mile pond near Unity".  In 1816 Libbeus Sr would have been about 67 years old, he died nineteen years later in 1835. Three years after this deed, Libbeus Sr sells another 80 acres of the twenty five mile plantation to Lebbeus Jr. They are my Fifth and Fourth Great Grandfathers.

The description of the land reads "a certain lot of land in said twenty five mile pond plantation being lot numbered twenty on a plan of the gore lying between the Ballard line and the east end of the fifteen mile lots east of Kennebec River..."  Kennebec county is in the southern part of Maine, Augusta is the county seat as well as the state capital. The Kennebec River runs north and south through Augusta and approximately 10 miles west of Unity, which is about 30 miles northeast of Augusta. 

The two assignments written on the right-hand side are: 
On April 15, 1817  Reuel Williams sells his share to Robert Hallowell Gardiner
On March 1, 1827  Robert H Gardiner sells to James Parker, who in 1813 married the youngest daughter of Libbeus Simmons Sr.

Kennebec County has deeds available online. This was very difficult to read, but I've transcribed as much of it as I can.

Know all men by these presents that <I, Libbeus Simmons of the
five mile pond plantation in the county of Kennebec yeoman>
in consideration of <one hundred sixty five dollars and eighty five cents paid by Robert
H. Gardiner of Gardiner and Reuel Williams of Augusta in said county ?>
(the receipt whereof I do hereby acknowledge) do hereby give, grant
sell, and convey unto the said <Gardiner and Williams a certain lot of land in said twenty
five mile pond plantation being lot numbered twenty on a plan of the gore lying
between the Ballard line and the east end of the fifteen mile lots east of Kennebec
River made by Charley Hayden esq. Surveyor containing eighty acres and one half
more or less on which I now live>

To have and to hold the <aforegranted premises to the said Gardiner & Williams their>
heirs and assigns, to <their> use and <behoof> forever. And <I>
do covenant with the said <Gardiner and Williams their> heirs and assigns
that <I am> lawfully seized in fee of the <aforegranted premises> that they are free of all
incumbrances that <I> have good right to sell and convey the same to
the said <Gardiner and Williams> and that <I> will warrant and defend the same <premises>
to the said <Gardiner and Williams their> heirs and assigns, forever agains the lawful claims and
demands of <all> persons.

Provided nevertheless <that if the said Simmons his heirs, executors, or administrators ?
to the said Gardiner & Williams their heirs executors administrators or assigns the sum of one
hundred sixty five dollars and eighty five cents in five equal annual payments with
interest accordig to his five promisary notes therefore then this deed avail ?
five notes bearing even date with these presents given by the said Simmons to the
said Gardiner and Williams promising to pay the same sum & interest at the time aforesaid
? shall all be void otherwise shall remain in full force.>

In Witness whereof, <I> the said <Libbeus Simmons>
have hereunto set my hand and seal this tenth day of September in the
year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixteen.
Signed sealed and delivered in presence of us <Libbeus Simmons Daniel Whitmore>
<Kennebec> ss, <Sept. 11, 1816>  Then the above named
<Libbeus Simmons>
acknowledged <the above> instrument by     subscribed to be <his>
deed before me
<Daniel Whitmore>  Justice of Peace

<KENNEBEC> ss. Received <Sept. 16, 1816> entered and comopared with the original, by
<John Hovey, Registrar>

Written on the right side:

Know all men that I Reuel Williams within named in consideration of eighty two dollars ninety cents paid me by Robert Hallowell Gardiner within named the receipt whereof I do hereby acknowledge, do hereby sell transfer assign & set over to him the said Gardiner, all my right title & interest I demand in and ? the premises within described - To have and to hold the same to sd Gardiner his heirs and assigns forever in the same region? as he & I held the same favor to this transfer. To have and to hold the same to said Gardiner his heirs and assigns forever. In witness whereof I the said Williams have herein set my hand & seal this thirty first day of December whereas A. D. 1816
Done in presence of Fred McAllen, Reuel Williams  {seal} Kennebec ? April 15th 1817 personally appeared Reuel Williams Esq and acknowledged the foregoing assignment, by him figured to be his free act and deed before me Fred K. Allen, Jus Peace - Kennebec
Rec'd Apl 9, 1817 entered and compared with the original by Jno Hovey Reg

Second assignment

Know all men by these presents that I Robert Hallowell Gardiner of Gardiner in the County of Kennebec Esquire in consideration of one hundred and twelve dollars 16 cents to me paid by James Parker of Troy in said county yeoman the receipt whereof I do hereby acknowledge do hereby transfer assign and make over to sd James Parker the written mortgage deed granting him thereby all the right title and interest I have in and to the same both as original joint ? with Reuel Williams by within named and as assignee of said Williams, To have and to hold the same to the said Parker his heirs and assigns forever. In witness whereof I the said Robert Hallowell Gardiner have herein ?set my? hand and seal this 1st day of March? A. D. 1827. Robert H Gardiner  {seal}  signed sealed and delivered in free ?  Henry B. Haskew Kennebec J. Peace, April 9th 1827 Xcrossed outX

then the above named Robt H Gardiner personally appeared and acknowledged the foregoing assignment his free act or deed before me Soloman Adams Justice of Peace Kennebec Jr Rec'd April 9, 1827 entered and compared with the original by John Hovey, Reg