These are the surnames of my ancestors 3 and 4 generations back.  If you see someone here you also have in your tree, please contact me.  I'll be glad to share information. 

My Paternal Great Grandfathers - 
Ancestors of Charles Albert Menke  son of Henry J Menke & Eliza Knapp

Ancestors of Clarence Lemuel Mann   son of William Mann and Nancy Clemie

 My Paternal Great Grandmothers - 
Ancestors of Charlotte Isabelle Roscoe  daughter of William Roscoe and Lena Jorgenson

Ancestors of Cora Mabel Gaisford  daughter of Charles Gaisford and Henrietta Smith

My Maternal Great Grandfathers - 
Ancestors of Cicero C Bell son of Martha Bell

Ancestors of Arthur Levi McGrath  son of John H McGrath and Rachel Jane Simmons

My Maternal Great Grandmothers - 
Ancestors of Allie Lucinda Spann  daugther of Benjamin Franklin Spann and Hiley Ann Decker

Ancestors of Sadie Ellen Negley  daughter of Josiah Foster Negley and Sarah Mariah Matilda Lee

Taking it another generation back...

Parents of Eliza Knapp were Henry Knapp and Caroline Schukky

Parents of Nancy Clemie were Thomas Clemie and Mary Jane Hull

Parents of Rachel Jane Simmons are believed to be Lebius Simmons and Ruth Smith

Parents of Josiah Foster Negley were John Negley and Ruth Foster

And yet another generation...

Parents of Ruth Smith were Jonathan Smith and Rachel Simmons

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