Sunday, July 28, 2019

My Family in Prairie Home Cemetery, Part II

The grave of my Grandma's parents, Clarence and Cora Mann, is on the west side of Prairie Home Cemetery. Every year someone among their many descendants sees that their grave is decorated for Memorial Day. The names of all 14 of their children are inscribed on the back. Several of them are also now lie there in Prairie Home. Only one died before them. 

Clarence's parents are buried a few miles away in the Kilpatrick Cemetery near Plymouth. Cora's parents' grave is not far from hers there in Prairie Home. 

Clarence L                CORA M
June 18, 1878            Feb. 4, 1882
Oct. 18, 1968            July 4, 1971

Sunday, July 21, 2019

My Family in Prairie Home Cemetery, Part I

The Prairie Home Cemetery near Diller, Nebraska is the closest thing to a "family" cemetery that I have. For several years, my Grandparents lived one mile east of this rural cemetery located just inside the Jefferson County line in southeast Nebraska. Grandpa used to mow the (natural) grass. If it weren't for the trees, you would be able to see their old house while standing at their grave. There are about 2000 burials in the cemetery and many of them are my relatives. It's a 2 hour drive for me, and I get there once a year or so. 

My paternal Grandparents were both born in Gage County, and lived most of their lives in the Diller and Ellis area with two exceptions. They moved to Aurora about 1956, stayed there about 10 years then moved back to Gage County to the farm a mile east of the cemetery. In 1997 when they were 80 and 77, they returned to Aurora to be closer to their children for help in their advanced age. 

They had purchased their burial plot long before their final move. So, when the time came for each of them, their visitations and funerals were held in the morning in Aurora followed by a luncheon there at the church. Then family and those who wanted to go made the 130 mile trip to the cemetery for the graveside service which was followed by another luncheon at the church in Ellis. 

Doris D               married              Kenneth C
June 8, 1920          Nov. 19,            Nov. 28, 1917
Sept. 18, 2017          1938               Mar. 26, 2003

One of Grandpa's brothers, Willis, is also buried in Prairie Home Cemetery. His parents, Albert & Lottie Menke are buried about 30 miles from Prairie Home in Clatonia, Nebraska. 

Several of Grandma's sisters and two brothers also lie in Prairie Home, along with many nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles and her parents and grandparents.  

Friday, July 12, 2019

120th Celebration of Clarence & Cora Mann

Beatrice Daily Sun, October 3, 1933

Family Reunion
Mr and Mrs C L Mann held a family reunion of all their family Sunday. They are the parents of thirteen children and all were present to enjoy the happy occasion. Those present were Mr and Mrs Charles Weirman and daughter, Donna Ruth of Beatrice, Mr Lester Mann of Chicago, Ill., Mrs Rulo Rathbun and daughter, Jacqueline, of Oakland, Calif., Mr and Mrs Roe Hudson and children of Powell, Mr and Mrs Perle Nickeson and children, Mr and Mrs Frank Carpenter, Orra Mann and Misses Vivian, Blanch and Bethel, the twins, Doris and Dean and Lettie Mann. The family are quite widely scattered, but hope for more pleasant reunions in the years to come.

"The family are quite widely scattered, but hope for more pleasant reunions in the years to come". 

This weekend will be the 48th year for the annual Mann Family Picnic. In 1972, after the death of their mother, the 13 children of Clarence and Cora Mann devised the plans to start this annual tradition held every second Sunday in July. Of the 13 children, only one remains. Nevertheless, each year family members from two of the 13 (three one year) act as hosts for this reunion. As host, they set up the venue, provide drinks and some basic essentials and clean-up. It is also the responsibility of those picnic hosts to decorate the parents grave for Memorial Day that year.

This year we will celebrate the 120th wedding anniversary of Clarence & Cora, my Great Grandparents, who were married July 5, 1899. With the family even more scattered today, they would be happy to know there continues to be a reunion every year.