Faces of Eldorado, Nebraska

There are many photos that were found together in my Grandma's basement after her death. They were known to belong to her mother before her, Sadie (Negley) McGrath. The personal belongings of Sadie, as well as her single siblings Bill, Cal and Alice Negley, all ended up with my Grandma. Also things that once belonged the the parents of Sadie and her siblings, Josiah and Sarah Negley, were left with my Grandma. So the photos that once belonged to any of those people are now in our possession. The Negley family lived in Eldorado, Clay County, Nebraska for many years and the unidentified people in these old photos are likely friends and neighbors from the area. These photos are as old as the late 1800's through the 1920's or 1930's. I would like the descendants of these families to have their photos. Click on the link to learn more about any of these photos.

Townsend in Hastings

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