Sunday, July 19, 2020

A Few Days Illness

There is not much I know about Nellie Gaisford. She was the eighth child of Charles and Henrietta Gaisford, born in 1883 just a year after my Great Grandmother Cora. Nellie never married, and didn't have an occupation in 1910 at the age of 26, but she was able to read and write. 

The Ellis news columns in the Beatrice Daily Sun often told of Nellie and her older sister Mamie going to visit with other siblings and their families. Mamie was 13 years older than Nellie. One of those mentions in 1914 even tells that they "drove" to a sister's place. What did they drive? Did someone in the family have a car in 1914? Checking for an operator's license is pointless, they weren't required in Nebraska until 1929. I wonder if Nellie was involved in the womens suffrage campaign. She didn't live long enough to see women win the right to vote. With no more than I know about her, Nellie appeared to live a carefree life doing as she pleased. 

And then in flu enza.

Beatrice Daily Express, Jan. 11, 1919

Beatrice Daily Express, Jan. 11, 1919