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Kenneth Menke Farm Sale, 1955

Beatrice Daily Sun, December 9, 1955

Public Sale

Having decided to change farming operations, I will sell at Public Auction, at the place 3 miles east, 1/4 mile south of Harbine, Nebr., or 2 miles west and 2-1/4 miles south of Ellis, Nebr., on 

Thursday, Dec. 15

Commencing at 12 o'clock Sharp
[first column]

29 Head Cattle

9 Yr Old White Cow, milking now
8 Yr Old Spotted Cow, milking now
6 Yr Old White Cow, milking now
5 Yr Old Roan Cow, milking now
6 Yr Old Red Roan Cow, milking now
5 Yr Old Red Cow, just fresh
5 Yr Old Roan Cow, milking now
3 Yr Old Brockle Face Heifer, milking now
3 Black Angus Heifers, coming 2 yrs old to freshen in Spring
Black Heifer, 2 Yrs Old, Fresh in Spring
3 W-F Stock Cows, coming with 2 Calves
W-F Jersey, 1 Yr Old
Blue Roan Heifer, coming 2 Yrs Old
W-F Heifer, 6 Months Old 
2 Black Heifers, 4 Months Old
Holstein Heifer, 6 Months Old
5 Yr Old Black Cow, with Calf at side
5 Black Bucket Calves
Yearling Past Black Steer

Milking Equipment

Wilson 4 Can Milk Cooler
15 Gal. Santimatic Hot Water Heater
Santimatic Wash Vat
Can Rack  6 10-Gal Milk Cans
Radiant Electric Heater with Thermostat Control
Milk Strainers
Electric 600 Watt Heater

8 Head Hogs

8 Red Feeders, Av[g] Weight 183 lbs

Hay and Grain

100 Bu Nemaha Oats
25 Bu Barley
400 Bu Yellow Ear Corn
800 Bales Choice Alfalfa, all 3 

[second column]
cuttings wire tired
30 Bales Wheat Straw

Farm Machinery

1938 F-20 Farmall in good condition
2-14 IHC Tractor Plow
John Deere 2 Row Tractor Corn Disc
G I 15 Ft Disc
G I 1-Row Corn Picker with Cooks Husking Bed
1952 MM, 18x7 Grain Drill with Power Lift, Grass Seeder, Press Wheels
1950 Allis Chalmers Combine PTO, Extra good
Dearborn 2-Row Tractor Cultivator
44 Ft Kelley Ryan Grain Elevator with Power Take Off with Speed Jack
Wetmore Gluten Hammermill with PTO
1946 Case Hand Tie Baler, good shape
Two Wheel Trailer with Large Grain Bed
2 4-Wheel Rubber Tire Trailer with Flat Beds
Old Wagon
1953 MM Side Delivery Rake
7 Ft Mc Deering Mower
300 Gal. Fuel Tank on Stand, Double Compartment
Some old Machinery

Household Goods

2 Piece Living Room Suite
Some Miscellaneous Items


Tank Heater, Coal or Cob
Set of Harness.   Oil Heater
Oil brooder Stove     Used Lumber
30 Good Panels, Various Sizes
Open Shed, 22x10 Ft.
1930 Model A Ford
Some Old Iron
Miscellaneous Items

Lunch at noon by Ellis Methodist Ladies
Terms: Cash.   No goods to be removed from premises until settled for.

Kenneth Menke, Owner

Owner's Telephone No. 10803 Diller
First National Bank, Clerk

Hubert               Harold
1610 H St        613 12th St
Ph 1135 Fairbury    Phone 1365