Sunday, February 3, 2019

Another Three-Name Stone

           JONATHAN A                      RACHEL                     JONATHAN
      SON OF S & M K SMITH           APR 9, 1800            JUNE 22, 1798
OCT  19, 1872 - DEC 25, 1875      OCT 9, 1866            FEB 27, 1867

My previous post also featured a stone with 3 names on it. Again, I think this stone was probably placed years after any of the deaths. Jonathan A. Smith was the grandson of Jonathan and Rachel, his father was their youngest son Samuel. Another son of Jonathan and Rachel is buried in Mt Moriah - Andrew, along with his third wife, Eliza. Jonathan and Rachel are my Fourth Great Grandparents.

Mount Moriah Cemetery is over 300 miles from me in Davis County, Iowa. I was at this cemetery in July of 2014, when on our way to Illinois we travelled across Iowa on Highway 2 and stopped at four different cemeteries. After spending the night in Bloomfield, we were here at Mount Moriah in the morning. Steam was rising from the nearby fields with the humidity. There aren't many stones here, it was easy to find Jonathan & Rachel's. 

They were married for about 51 years, and just four months after Rachel's death Jonathan died. He was born in New Hampshire, lived in New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia and finally in Iowa. He and Rachel Simmons married in Mercer County, Pennsylvania and had ten children together. At least three of their children passed away before them, including their daughter Ruth, my Third Great Grandmother. Those children's final resting places are scattered throughout Pennsylvania, Virginia, Illinois, Nebraska, and Oregon.

Jonathan's parents, Jonathan and Dorothy (Wadleigh) Smith, are buried in Raymond, New Hampshire. I don't know the burial location of Rachel's parents Elijah and Ruth (Russell) Simmons. It is likely somewhere in Pennsylvania.

Mount Moriah Cemetery, Davis County, Iowa


  1. My favorite 3-name tombstone in my family is a man buried between his two wives. How cozy.

    1. So I've learned it doesn't work for me to reply here on my iphone.

      I'm sure whoever has to pay for the tombstones want to keep the price down as much as possible! Thanks for reading Wendy.